July 15, 2018
With a wide range of business experience in his background over the course of several decades, Frank Magliato has been working to improve his already impressive skill level in a great many ways. At one point, he was the president of Saddle River Associates & Company, one of the finest and most impressive private equity firms in the world. Saddle River specializes in corporate transactions, which is why they managed to complete projects valued at more than $500 million while he was there.

Frank Magliato
One of the best examples of Frank Magliato’s prowess in making deals comes with his work on the huge sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to food giant Del Monte. Another would have to be the $150 million real estate development project he engineered, to a certain degree, in the nation of Panama. A great many clients have described Frank Magliato as someone who is uniquely capable and qualified to identify the best business opportunities and act on them at the most opportune time and in the most opportune way to benefit each and every individual client.